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Here’s the thing. Learning something new, for me, means a deep dive. When my interest in faux color by way of infrared photography was peaked, I took that plunge. I put my regular camera aside, and for the past weeks have been shooting more or less indiscriminately, trying to better understand how the process works best for me. That time has now passed. While faux color by itself can be dramatic, as with all photographs, the subject and composition are most important. I decided to take an overnight trip to Longboat Key, near Sarasota, to see what would call out to me. Infrared imaging gives photographers control of color channels, hue, tint, and contrast, translated, that means I could make an image have both monochrome and color characteristics as in this photograph of an anhinga drying its wings in the sun

The rest of these photographs have been processed to different effects; from monochrome to high contrast bold color to muted tones. 

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