Aboud Dweck is known for his photographs produced on locations in the USA and internationally. "I believe photographs call out to me, Hey Aboud, over here! If I am paying attention I get a great photo, if not, I'll never know what I missed."  Drawn to color, light, contrast and negative space, his work is informed by his strong interest in architecture and he finds these elements revealed in all of his work, regardless of subject. 

Dweck is the author of Washington D.C. • Home Again, a large format coffee table book of iconic venues in the nation's capital. The book was produced with photographs taken from a helicopter and the ground around Washington D.C. over a five-year period. It has over 100 original photographs and has been called the finest photography book on Washington D.C. in online reviews.

Dweck's work is in private collections around the USA and in permanent installations in commercial spaces in the Washington D.C.  area. 

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