Photographer Aboud Dweck's journey began in his teenage years and blossomed into a diverse exploration of photographic subjects. Lauded for his artful interpretations of his assignments his work is in collections and permanent installations across the USA. 

Driven by inner resonance rather than external acclaim, the unpredictable rhythms of outdoor shoots and studio introspection, Dweck's career milestones, such as conquering daunting assignments and capturing aerial spectacles, attest to his dedication to the craft.  Working exclusively on his portfolio of color and monochrome images, he is drawn to color, light, contrast and negative space, elements revealed in his architectural studies that influence all of his work.  

Dweck is the author of Washington D.C. • Home Again, a large format coffee table book of iconic venues in the nation's capital. The book was produced with photographs taken from a helicopter and the ground around Washington D.C. over a five-year period. It has over 100 original photographs and has been called the finest photography book on Washington D.C. in online reviews.

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