1. Musee Granet

    2023-11-02 08:14:14 UTC
    The Granet museum has two faces, the first a collection of French, Italian and northern European paintings from the 14th to 19th centuries, and sculpture. The second, housed in a separate building a few blocks removed, exhibits about 70 pieces of  20th-century art, with works by Alberto Giacometti, Pablo Picasso…

  2. Photo of the day - Les Baux

    2023-11-01 07:44:47 UTC
    Some fall color, taken from the medieval town of Les Baux de Provence. 

  3. Photo of the day, Avignon

    2023-10-31 10:16:45 UTC

  4. Joyeux Halloween!

    2023-10-30 08:48:17 UTC
    Happy Halloween from Provence …

  5. Victor Vasarely; Grandfather of Op-Art, Aix

    2023-10-27 06:42:56 UTC
    Victor Vasarely was a Hungarian-French artist widely considered the grandfather of Op-Art. He started his education in medical studies, then switched to traditional painting. I can imagine his parents were not thrilled with that choice. Trained in Budapest in the Bauhaus tradition, Vasarely left Hungary in 1930 for Paris where…

  6. Aix 3

    2023-10-23 06:16:21 UTC
    Flower Market My son in law describes Aix as beautiful but beige. The tones in the structures are similar of course, but the influence of Greek and Roman architecture makes up for the dearth of color.  Emile Zola The Good King The house where Cezanne died You want color? Come…

  7. Aix en Provence 2

    2023-10-22 04:48:49 UTC
    Rotunda Fountain The first full day of the tour was exhausting. Smithsonian has a strange way of scheduling. First there is the arrival day when they had a nice little welcome and a group dinner. The next day was a lot of walking and a lecture - in which several…

  8. Aix en Provence

    2023-10-21 09:28:43 UTC
    Color Palette Old town More than several years ago my wife Amy and I went to Italy to mark a special birthday. We are at it again, another milestone birthday with a trip to Aix en Provence, a town in Southern France not far from Marseille.  Getting here was certainly…

  9. Peace Walls, Belfast

    2023-09-06 11:59:04 UTC
    Faces of Resistance For largest display, click on the individual photograph Belfast is known for being the former epicenter of the Troubles, the conflict that ran approximately 30 years and ended with the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. Known as a conflict between the Protestants and Catholics, it was mostly…

  10. Crawford Gallery Cork

    2023-08-31 10:21:24 UTC
    When I travel I seek out museums and galleries to explore. This is a relatively new thing, when I was young I rarely visited museums, and if I did, they were places like the Smithsonian Air & Space museum, or the Hirschhorn Sculpture garden. It’s not like I hadn’t seen…

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