My fascination with learning IR continues. At this time I am learning by watching YouTube videos, some of which contradict each other. “Set up a camera profile, don’t set up a camera profile, don’t use auto white balance, use auto white balance,” like everything else on the internet, bullshit is plentiful. The guidance I got from the camera modifier LifePixel seemed to help a lot, but I was still frustrated. I had an Ah ha! moment when I realized an IR/cut filter I use to eliminate haze was adversely affecting the IR, it was truncating the color spectrum. I took the filter off the lens, shot a new profile for the camera and voila! I took this photo from our apartment’s balcony and I got the blue sky and white clouds I was seeking.  Way cool. 

According to everything I have read so far full sunlight is best for infrared. Having read that, and as it is my contrarian nature, I decided to try shooting predawn. The first image is as it came from the camera, we call that raw. The second is after processing in Photoshop, mixing color channels and manipulating colors. The same palm trees that were yellow in sunlight were orange before dawn. 

It is evident infrared photography has a lot of potential, I am just beginning to scratch the surface of the realm. I find it interesting that after more than 50 years of taking photographs I can again be invigorated by another aspect of this craft, one that has been around since 1910. More to come. 

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