Boo on You

It happened again this year, and it started in August. Pumpkin Spice everything; lattes, potato chips, coffee, and I cannot believe I am writing this, Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Bagels.  Yech. Whatever Lord you pray to, ask him or her, to deliver us from this evil. I suppose all of this means fall is here, Thanksgiving will soon be upon us, but FIRST, there is Halloween. 

I live in a neighborhood of apartments and row homes. It is diverse, leafy, actually quite charming for an east coast city, akin to one of the older New York City neighborhoods. With All Hallows Eve just a week and a half away, I took a walk around a few blocks, looking for displays. To be candid, I didn’t see much in the way of truly impressive displays except one.

The most dangerous things about pumpkins is carving them. Even if you don’t sever a finger, now matter how scary your design, they just sit there. The fun comes with ghosts, skeletons, bats and their ilk, especially if they are animatronic. 

Washington D.C. is a politically liberal town, by itself it scares the bejesus out of Ted Cruz, so it is only fitting that we dig up a Hippie skeleton from 1968. Far out. After all these years I can still smell a mixture of sinsemilla and patchouli oil. Blows my mind.

Now go out and buy candy. Full size bars please, not those so-called “fun size.” Really, do you know anyone who thinks they are fun? Have a Happy Halloween and be safe out there.