A Need to Exercise

About forty years ago I used to hit the gym at least three times a week. I miss those days, so does my body. Now, despite my good intentions, my routine, if it can be called that, is at best sporadic. Whenever I swear I’m going to work up a cardio induced sweat the devil on my left shoulder finds something to get in the way; catching up on the news, doing laundry or watching the West Wing for the fifth time. 

I take a different approach to my keeping my photography chops, I exercise my eye. Now that mid-September morning temperatures are in the high 60s an early morning photo walk is just what I need. The goal isn’t necessarily to create a great piece if art, although that is certainly a possibility, but to fine tune awareness to my surroundings.

An unhurried walk is a great way to get photographs to call out “Hey Aboud, over here!”  An outdated poster peeling off a wall, a Vespa parked on the sidewalk, lock boxes for a condo, even an empty coffee cup impaled on a wrought iron fence can make interesting shots. 

Well, guess what? These long walks around the neighborhood, up and down hills, is good exercise. Anybody want to buy a near-new recumbent exercise bike?

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