1. Serendipity

    28 Jul 2021
    One of the things I enjoy rambling about without an agenda is the nice little serendipitous surprises I experience. My friend Bob is visiting me here in Colorado and is not averse to joining me at 6:00 in the morning as I hunt for photographs.  Today was particularly fruitful. The…

  2. More Boulder

    23 Jul 2021
    The first week here was photographically frustrating. Is that a real term? Wildfires in the west have been casting a hazy pall on the sky, offering up only flat bright light for days on end. As you would imagine I follow the weather patterns and look out the window now…

  3. Mr. Blue Sky

    15 Jul 2021
    “Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why, you had to hide away for so long,  so long, where did we go wrong?”  (Thank you, ELO) Today the sun rose in a bit of haze over Boulder, a few minutes later it was shining brightly. This gave me my first shot…

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