1. And Now a Day in Dominica

    06 Feb 2023
    Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, Dominica is a small Caribbean nation of 275 sq. miles with a population under 73,000. Dominica refers to itself as the Caribbean’s best kept secret. As tourism accounts for about 38% of the GDP, I would guess they wish it were not.…

  2. A Day In St. Lucia

    03 Feb 2023
    For largest display, click on the image. After the past couple of near horrific years, 2023 is offering up reasons to celebrate in our family with 3 milestone birthdays, 30, 70, & 75 (I’m withholding names to protect the innocent) and a May wedding. I’ll accept a hearty “Mazel Tov”…

  3. Chillin’ in South Florida

    19 Jan 2023
    I used to love winter, especially snow days. In 1978 a 3 foot snowstorm paralyzed Washington, D.C. Challenging reality and being confident in my little front wheel drive Honda Accord, I ventured off to conquer the white stuff. I moved forward about 6 feet and that was all she wrote…

  4. North by Northwest

    04 Jan 2023
    Elevated view for scale If you are of a certain age you will recognize this photos of Mt. Rushmore from the climax of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 classic “North by Northwest” staring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint. If you are not of that certain age, seek out and rent this…

  5. New Year … New Day … New Camera

    01 Jan 2023
    Click on image for largest display I decided to upgrade one of my cameras and last week picked up a new Fuji XT-5. It is the newest of the Fuji mirrorless cameras, and I have become a fan of the brand in the past couple of years. I decided to…

  6. Happy, Merry

    23 Dec 2022
    Sleigh Bell Trees Wishing you and all your loved ones Joyous Holidays.


    20 Dec 2022
    I truly enjoy taking photographs in museums as regular readers can attest. Normally I just grab a few shots walking through the galleries, but when my brother described the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, he was so enthusiastic about it so I had to visit and turn it into a…

  8. Window Seat

    16 Dec 2022
    30 minutes waiting to take off For largest display, click on the photographs Amy and I were returning from a short trip to Phoenix, and unlike my usual preference, I took the window seat. I had my trusty Fuji XT-4 with me and decided to attempt a few shots. The…

  9. Abstraction

    20 Nov 2022
    My first private gallery show in October was an enjoyable experience, I did sell a few prints, always a nice thing, and response to the exhibition was positive. I watched as people viewed my work and I came away with a few impressions. The display of the prints and the…

  10. New to my gallery

    29 Oct 2022
    My wife always seems to ask “Why are you always taking your camera with you?” I was heading out to the grocery store and drove up a street with a particularly inviting autumn display. I parked my car and this shot called to me. That’s why.  Produced with a Fuji

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