1. Abstraction

    20 Nov 2022
    My first private gallery show in October was an enjoyable experience, I did sell a few prints, always a nice thing, and response to the exhibition was positive. I watched as people viewed my work and I came away with a few impressions. The display of the prints and the…

  2. New to my gallery

    29 Oct 2022
    My wife always seems to ask “Why are you always taking your camera with you?” I was heading out to the grocery store and drove up a street with a particularly inviting autumn display. I parked my car and this shot called to me. That’s why.  Produced with a Fuji

  3. Fallen Leaves

    26 Oct 2022
    As Americans we are bombarded every day by negativity; divisive politics, civil strife, climate change, the economy, all result in stress and disquiet. It’s hard to find peace in mind, but it is possible. Take a look at the photograph above, look at it awhile, then, step away, look away,…

  4. Boo on You

    22 Oct 2022
    It happened again this year, and it started in August. Pumpkin Spice everything; lattes, potato chips, coffee, and I cannot believe I am writing this, Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Bagels.  Yech. Whatever Lord you pray to, ask him or her, to deliver us from this evil. I suppose…

  5. Eggsceptional Photograph

    21 Oct 2022
    Yeah, yeah, I know … I can hear groaning coast-to-coast for that one. I am a fan of jumbo eggs, and on my last trip to the grocery store picked up this carton. I always check for cracked eggs and when I opened the carton and saw that big boy,…

  6. My First Private Show

    13 Oct 2022
    Gallery/Studio When I moved into my apartment I knew I wanted to set up a studio space that could also be used as a gallery. Now, three years later, after renovations, changing lighting and refurbishing, I was ready for my first private show. While I have shown my work in…

  7. The Present Moment

    03 Oct 2022
    Alicia Eggert, Moment Alicia Eggert, Moment Washington D.C. is known for its variety of museums, from the Air & Space Museum, to the National Gallery of Art to the recently built National Museum of African American History and Culture. Unlike many other cities, these world class museums are open to…

  8. A Need to Exercise

    15 Sep 2022
    Wearing their heart on their tailgate About forty years ago I used to hit the gym at least three times a week. I miss those days, so does my body. Now, despite my good intentions, my routine, if it can be called that, is at best sporadic. Whenever I swear…

  9. My Neighbor Anne

    02 Sep 2022
    I’ve moved several times over the past 10 years and I never know what my neighbors will be like. Some keep to themselves, others are incredibly intrusive, and a few have interesting stories. Three years ago I moved into the Ontario, a stately old co-op in Northwest Washington D.C.  Built…

  10. Losing Weight to Travel

    27 Aug 2022
    Canon R5 Kit Fuji XT-4 Kit When I started this blog I did so with the intent of not reviewing cameras. This isn’t so much a review as an advisory, related to travel and street photography. If your main goal in travel is to create outstanding photographs without be overburdened…