Sunrise, Sunset

I’m what’s derisively known down here as a Snow Bird. I swoop down to South Florida when the chill hits the air in D.C. and then whoosh back in the Spring as the typical Florida heat and humidity build to the point where I simply can’t take it anymore. That same heat and humidity doesn’t make for nice sunsets, so when it breaks, I look for colorful shots of the sky. A massive construction project, which has been ongoing for four years, dominates the view from our apartment, but there is something interesting in the way the cranes contrast with the sky. This particular sunset had a wide color palette, from extreme warm to very cool tones. 

The sunrise shot below was taken from the same perspective (January 2016). On occasion. fog will roll in from the ocean in the morning taking on an ethereal quality. As one would expect, the diffused light softened the color palette. 

©Photos by Aboud Dweck, All rights reserved
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