Mr. Blue Sky

“Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why,

you had to hide away for so long, 

so long, where did we go wrong?” 

(Thank you, ELO)

Today the sun rose in a bit of haze over Boulder, a few minutes later it was shining brightly. This gave me my first shot to get at getting out early to capture some photographs on Flagstaff mountain. I rose, at 5:30 AM for the occasion. There is still residual haze from the Western fires affecting long shots, but otherwise, it is a glorious day. I’ve rented something of a tank, a Toyota 4Runner to traverse the switchbacks on the mountain. Those 10 MPH speed limit signs are there for a reason.  My first day scouting paid off, I found some great spots, like the one below. 

©Photos by Aboud Dweck, All rights reserved
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