I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it, I’m about to …

lose control and I just can’t hide it!”

My apologies to the Pointer Sisters for my off key rendition, but I am excited, with good reason, I am about to take my first photo trip since the Covid pandemic started. A couple of years ago I spent the summer in Oceanside California, land of sunsets on the beach and surfers. Last summer was a loss so when I saw things loosening up a few months ago, I started planning my summer getaway. This time, it will be mountains, lakes and small towns within a couple of hours of Denver. I am having a few friends & family join me for about half of the time, the other half will be sweet solitude. Now, given the past 15 months or so, solitude may seem more of a punishment than recompense, but this is different. I will choose, where and when I go, I will choose whom I talk to, I will get up early, move about and not worry about disturbing anyone. I will take long drives with no agenda other than to take photographs. The key thing is choosing solitude, not having it forced upon me. Looking over my archives I was reminded that I do my best work when I am unencumbered.

Now, a few weeks out, I am assembling my kit for the trip, for me, this is traveling light. I’m taking two systems with me, a 35mm 3-lens kit for street shooting and general walkabout and a medium format 2-lens kit for landscapes and architectural images. What else? A travel tripod, a couple of hats, hiking shoes of course,  maybe bug spray, sunscreen, dark chocolate and beef jerky. A guy has got to keep his strength up climbing those hills! 

©Photos by Aboud Dweck, All rights reserved
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