My First Private Show


When I moved into my apartment I knew I wanted to set up a studio space that could also be used as a gallery. Now, three years later, after renovations, changing lighting and refurbishing, I was ready for my first private show. While I have shown my work in galleries, I loved the idea of a residential gallery space, something a little more intimate. 

Just about 30 people came to the exhibition, the perfect amount for the space. I had bubbles and bites for 60, so for several weeks coming, I am going to be eating spanakopita, mini-hot dogs and mac n’ cheese balls. Fortunately, there is some Prosecco with which to wash it down, but I digress. 

I was very pleased with the turnout, everyone seem engaged with the photographs and mingling among themselves. As this was my first private show, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was very happy, a number of pieces were purchased and one custom ordered. Not bad. 

Hall gallery

Book display

Main gallery

This particular show was primarily photographs from my travels and some other subjects. I had a variety of treatments shown; acrylic glass mounts, float mounts, prints on aluminum, unframed prints, and traditionally framed pieces priced from the hundreds on up. My own criticism of the selection of photographs was that it was a bit diffused. I think a common thread running through the exhibit might be a good idea. With that in mind I am now working on a themed show for the spring of ‘23. Now, ain’t this fun? 

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