Beachside stroll

Are they biting? Who cares?

This is my 8th winter in South Florida.  I usually get down here the beginning of November when the notorious heat and humidity are tapering off. It used to be that by Thanksgiving it was sunny with moderate temps and low humidity, not any more. For the past few seasons the heat and oppressive  humidity have lingered until Christmas. Like everywhere else on this Big Blue Marble, climate change has affected the weather patterns and I’m not happy about it. 

The day after New Year’s was pristine with temperatures in the mid-60s with low humidity. In a chat  with my wife, I remarked it was the most beautiful day of the year, at which point she reminded me it was only the second one. Chuckles ensued. I decided to take a walk along the beach in Delray and came away with these photographs. For largest display, click on the individual photograph.

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