Over the years I published a couple of photography blogs mostly reviews of photo gear. I actually had the audacity to come up with the hook to write only about gear I bought and used in my own work. Let’s call that concept reverse monetizing … how long could it last? After all, there was a limit to how much money I could spend to keep writing articles about gear other people also wrote about. A blog I read and admire, The-Digital-Picture.Com  by  Bryan Carnathan is an ambitious, highly professional effort. His site is his full time gig accruing over six million viewers a year. At peak I think one of my articles generated about 200 views and I was over the moon with that.  I was still working on assignment, so time and focus were also an issue, not to mention the fact that I just did not have the fire in my stomach to do what Bryan does.  I have since retired from assignment photography. My book still sells a few hundred copies a year, I shoot mostly for myself, but I have felt a bit directionless. Now that the concentration and focus necessary for assignments is gone, I need to redirect it to this life. No, I do not want to sit at my MacBook full time to generate a blog, but I do enjoy writing and always take photographs. So in this blog, I will write without restraint about my photographs and what is behind them, no, not the photo-geek stuff, more like what drew me to the image. 

The first thing was to come up with a name for this blog.  ram·ble| ˈrambəl | verb [no object] a walk for pleasure, typically without a definite route.  When I look back over 60 years of taking photos, first as a kid, then as a hobbyist and finally a professional, I come to realize my favorite images were taken that way. Welcome to Ramble.

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