1. Vibrant, Vivacious Marseille

    2023-11-13 21:31:59 UTC
    I think this is the third organized tour I have joined. One in 2006 was a photo tour to Scotland, it rained every day, I believe we had two hours of sunshine over 12 days. The second was a photo tour in Iceland. Traveling with another photographer is always a…

  2. Photo of the Day: Over Germany

    2023-11-09 15:45:57 UTC
    Alpine view On the way to Munich, spectacular view. 

  3. The Caumont Centre D’Art

    2023-11-08 08:17:27 UTC
    Street entrance For largest display, click on each individual photograph It’s a garden, it’s a museum, it’s a fine restaurant. It is the Hotel de Caumont, a beautiful former private mansion in the Mazarin quarter of Aix en Provence. The Caumont has a long convoluted history as you would expect…

  4. Discovered in a boulangerie

    2023-11-07 06:35:59 UTC
    Pain au Chocolat Simply elegant. It would be a crime to destroy it by eating it … arrête moi!

  5. Photo of the day, Marseille

    2023-11-06 05:33:16 UTC
    Detail,  fountain of Palais Longchamp

  6. Musee Granet

    2023-11-02 08:14:14 UTC
    The Granet museum has two faces, the first a collection of French, Italian and northern European paintings from the 14th to 19th centuries, and sculpture. The second, housed in a separate building a few blocks removed, exhibits about 70 pieces of  20th-century art, with works by Alberto Giacometti, Pablo Picasso…

  7. Photo of the day - Les Baux

    2023-11-01 07:44:47 UTC
    Some fall color, taken from the medieval town of Les Baux de Provence. 

  8. Photo of the day, Avignon

    2023-10-31 10:16:45 UTC

  9. Joyeux Halloween!

    2023-10-30 08:48:17 UTC
    Happy Halloween from Provence …

  10. Victor Vasarely; Grandfather of Op-Art, Aix

    2023-10-27 06:42:56 UTC
    Victor Vasarely was a Hungarian-French artist widely considered the grandfather of Op-Art. He started his education in medical studies, then switched to traditional painting. I can imagine his parents were not thrilled with that choice. Trained in Budapest in the Bauhaus tradition, Vasarely left Hungary in 1930 for Paris where…

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