1. Abstractions

    2023-12-22 13:56:19 UTC
    For largest display, click on the individual photograph In the last year or so I have started experimenting with methods to produce abstract images, some of which lose their photographic identity and cross over into graphic design like the one above. Others, like those below, retain their photographic quality but…


    2023-12-13 13:14:49 UTC
    For me, 2023 was a year of travel, and for the most part, except flying, I enjoyed all of it, even the rainy days. I won’t deny that at times it was tiring when 20 years ago that was never the case, make of that what you will.  Now it…

  3. Bimmers!! BMW Welt & Museum

    2023-12-01 13:23:20 UTC
    For largest display, click on the individual photograph BMW model badges When I found out that our path back to the US was through Munich,  I was interested, no make that excited, at the prospect of visiting BMW Welt and Museum, two architectural marvels across the road from each other…

  4. Magnificent Munich

    2023-11-26 17:28:15 UTC
    As there were no non-stop flights from Marseille back to Washington D.C., we decided to break up our return with a two day stopover in Munich,  our connection city. The last time I was in Munich was in the 1970s and I can recall but two things about it, my…

  5. Cassis, Provence

    2023-11-20 23:12:42 UTC
    We had an agenda-free day on the tour so four of us hired a taxi and headed to Cassis, a coastal town along the French Riviera famous for its cliffs, the sheltered inlets called calanques and lots of boats.  For me it was an opportunity to roam around and capture…

  6. Vibrant, Vivacious Marseille

    2023-11-13 21:31:59 UTC
    I think this is the third organized tour I have joined. One in 2006 was a photo tour to Scotland, it rained every day, I believe we had two hours of sunshine over 12 days. The second was a photo tour in Iceland. Traveling with another photographer is always a…

  7. Photo of the Day: Over Germany

    2023-11-09 15:45:57 UTC
    Alpine view On the way to Munich, spectacular view. 

  8. The Caumont Centre D’Art

    2023-11-08 08:17:27 UTC
    Street entrance For largest display, click on each individual photograph It’s a garden, it’s a museum, it’s a fine restaurant. It is the Hotel de Caumont, a beautiful former private mansion in the Mazarin quarter of Aix en Provence. The Caumont has a long convoluted history as you would expect…

  9. Discovered in a boulangerie

    2023-11-07 06:35:59 UTC
    Pain au Chocolat Simply elegant. It would be a crime to destroy it by eating it … arrête moi!

  10. Photo of the day, Marseille

    2023-11-06 05:33:16 UTC
    Detail,  fountain of Palais Longchamp

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