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Back in the last century taking a dramatic photograph from a building’s rooftop wasn’t a problem. It took a courteous conversation with the property management, assurance that I had liability coverage and a good reason why that particular venue was important for the photograph. Understandably, that all changed after 9/11 and heightened security fueled by a dose of paranoia makes it harder to gain access particularly when I travel, as on my recent trip to Tampa. 

I stayed at the Marriott Water Street hotel in a top floor room with a nice view and while I could get that sunrise photo above, I had to shoot through glass, which always causes issues from unwanted reflections to diffusion of the image. This wasn’t going to do. The hotel’s outdoor pool was on the third floor, somewhat helpful, but of course I wanted to get higher up without obstruction. I was able to score a room with a balcony on the 24th floor for my second day. Jackpot! I started shooting in the late afternoon. 

End of day boat washing

Convention center detail

Convention Center detail and marina

Something industrial in the distance

As sunset approached I picked spots looking west, north and south. Sunset offered up the dramatic lighting, the 24th floor balcony, a barrier free perspective. 

Fiery sunset drama

Purple light under the bridge mimics sunset

Hotels, restaurants & marina

JW Marriott next door

Tampa sparkled in every direction with a mixed pallet of colored lighting under bridges and along the Riverwalk, all enhanced by sunset’s effect on the water and structures. 

Next up, Ybor City. 

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