2022-12-20 14:33:23 UTC
    I truly enjoy taking photographs in museums as regular readers can attest. Normally I just grab a few shots walking through the galleries, but when my brother described the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, he was so enthusiastic about it so I had to visit and turn it into a…

  2. Abstraction

    2022-11-20 14:30:12 UTC
    My first private gallery show in October was an enjoyable experience, I did sell a few prints, always a nice thing, and response to the exhibition was positive. I watched as people viewed my work and I came away with a few impressions. The display of the prints and the…

  3. New to my gallery

    2022-10-29 13:16:31 UTC
    My wife always seems to ask “Why are you always taking your camera with you?” I was heading out to the grocery store and drove up a street with a particularly inviting autumn display. I parked my car and this shot called to me. That’s why.  Produced with a Fuji

  4. My First Private Show

    2022-10-13 13:11:51 UTC
    Gallery/Studio When I moved into my apartment I knew I wanted to set up a studio space that could also be used as a gallery. Now, three years later, after renovations, changing lighting and refurbishing, I was ready for my first private show. While I have shown my work in…

  5. The Present Moment

    2022-10-03 16:14:55 UTC
    Alicia Eggert, Moment Alicia Eggert, Moment Washington D.C. is known for its variety of museums, from the Air & Space Museum, to the National Gallery of Art to the recently built National Museum of African American History and Culture. Unlike many other cities, these world class museums are open to…

  6. NYC

    2022-08-11 11:35:17 UTC
    We are working our way back to D.C. with a stop in New York City. The drive from Boston to NYC took 1-1/2 hrs longer than it should have, as expected. It’s been some time since I was here, it took just a few minutes for me to remember how…

  7. Quebec City

    2022-08-03 22:09:42 UTC
    Quebec City, my fourth and last stop in Canada before heading back to Washington, D.C. The weather forecasts for this road trip were not good, in fact, they were bleak, calling for a lot of rain and cloud cover. As it turned out, I have had but two marginal days.…

  8. Montreal Magnificent

    2022-08-02 10:21:17 UTC
    Rue St. Paul After seven days, it was goodbye to Ottawa. To be candid, four days would have been enough. This is a road trip, I suppose I could have ventured further out of the city but I don’t know the region and at about $6.00 a gallon, I didn’t…

  9. Ottawa Outakes

    2022-07-28 12:41:13 UTC
    I have a few photos that I like, that don’t have a common thread, so I’ll forego the narrative, call them outtakes.  Enjoy the pix folks, more words next time.  Cafe in Little Italy, Frank & Marilyn Carmelita’s obsession with Frank Home Depot can suck it. BBQ in Little Italy …

  10. Chinatown Ottawa

    2022-07-27 00:51:00 UTC
    The Royal Arch, also known as the Friendship Gateway In the mood for Dim Sum? Head for Chinatown. There are almost 40 cities in the US with a one, Canada has ten, one in Ottawa. In 1931 Chinese immigrants along Albert Street started Chinatown with 4 restaurants, 3 laundries, and…

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