1. Iceland Revisited, Part Two

    18 Feb 2022
    As promised, the second chapter of Iceland images. These are random images of scenes that caught my eye for the usual reasons. Color play, textures, shapes and just fun.  Click on the individual thumbnail for full size display. Lastly, grafitti. I don’t know if this is a national pastime or…

  2. Iceland Revisited Part One

    15 Feb 2022
    Hallgrimskirkja Once a year I go through my archives of photographs, an interesting exercise, an opportunity to clear out images I would never use and to revisit a particular collection, a chance to find something new, photographs that I enjoy. Looking at the series from Iceland, images shot in 2012…

  3. Covid be damned! Almost Full Speed Ahead.

    07 Feb 2022
    Sunrise on Tampa Bay For full screen display, click on the individual photographs I’m not being capricious, but having been given the jab three times, I, like most of America, have had it with Covid-19. That is not to say I do not take precautions, but I don’t feel I…

  4. The Ponce, St. Augustine

    15 Jan 2022
    The Ponce, the former Ponce de Leon Hotel, is now the Flagler College in St. Augustine. The Spanish Renaissance design structure was built in 1888 as a luxury property by Standard Oil co-founder Henry M. Flagler, who left his imprint around South Florida. It was one of the first buildings…


    12 Jan 2022
    Ha! You thought I was finished with the Christmas display photos last month, didn’t you? You thought two postings was enough? Well, your intrepid blogger heard about a major holiday light display in St. Augustine, Florida and drove the four hours to photograph it … just for you. Yeah, well,…


    05 Jan 2022
    One of the reasons I went to the Norton Museum of Art, other than to photograph the BMW, was to see the painting ” Water Lily Pond (Clouds),” one of over two-hundred and fifty canvases created by Claude Monet depicting painted gardens and natural subjects. It is beautiful beyond description,…


    03 Jan 2022
    Believe it or not, it is actually 2022. I wanted to start off the new year in colorful fashion, so  my first outing was a visit to the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach Florida. I love the feel and flow of this museum, a contemporary structure with…

  8. On a High Note

    29 Dec 2021
    The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America Washington National Cathedral We’ve all been through a long rough patch lately - for almost two years. To be candid, not a lot of good news is around and it has become clear that some form of Covid will be with…

  9. More Southern Lights

    13 Dec 2021
    There is a restaurant about fifteen minutes from me that has decorated their tree limbs with thousands of tiny LED lights. They take on an other world vibe. Although they are not willows, they reminded me of the Tree of Souls in the movie Avatar.  Click on the image for

  10. Southern Lights

    06 Dec 2021
    Christmas in South Florida is markedly different than back home, the near north. The air has no chill in it and there is little chance for snow unless Mother Nature does an about face on current climate change, so, whadda we got to pump up Christmas spirit?  We got lights,…

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