1. Hooray for Ouray

    2021-08-17 00:17:27 UTC
    After my stay in Salida, I ventured to Ouray. Ouray is 9 miles as the crow flies from Telluride, if you don’t have wings it’s 50 miles by car, about an hour’s drive. The Main Street of the town is as charming as it gets, with a great mix of…

  2. Surprising Salida

    2021-08-14 14:51:32 UTC
    It was time to take advantage of my extended stay here in Boulder, time to hit the road. I’d heard wonderful things about Telluride, but I was not up for a seven hour drive in one shot, so I decided to break the trip up. I looked at a map,…

  3. Small Town, Smaller Town

    2021-08-05 02:50:54 UTC
    By Rocky Mountain standards, Boulder is considered a real city with a population of over 106,000. Nederland, has a population of 1700. Still, it offers up good restaurants. I had a great breakfast at Ned’s and a fantastic Reuban at the Deli. There are all the shops you’d expect and…

  4. Serendipity

    2021-07-28 00:05:16 UTC
    One of the things I enjoy rambling about without an agenda is the nice little serendipitous surprises I experience. My friend Bob is visiting me here in Colorado and is not averse to joining me at 6:00 in the morning as I hunt for photographs. Today was particularly fruitful The…

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