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My visit to Telluride, unfortunately, felt more like a drive by. I got there early but nary a parking  spot could be had. It turns out there was a jazz festival in town. After circling blocks and scanning the streets,  I got lucky and found a space. Telluride was packed with people, negotiating the sidewalks in some blocks could be a challenge. The architecture is similar to Ouray and Salida, except for that very impressive old bank building, but the retail is markedly not. This town is posh, upscale, appealing to the well-heeled. Aspen has had that reputation for many years, I don’t know if this is a more recent development for Telluride. 

I would have liked to spend at least a day and a half but I could not find an affordable hotel room, there was one luxe hotel at $700 a night, which blew way past my comfort zone.  I could only spend a few hours, I would see what I could, have lunch and then hit the road. I had a 7 1/2 drive back to Boulder. 

About that posh vibe. How about Society, a women’s clothing store, in a former bank, that serves champagne? Somehow the venue is fitting. Unlike other Colorado towns where cannabis dispensaries are on the edge of town, usually in a run down building, Dragon Cannabis Co. has a classy location that could be a doctor’s office on Pine Street. A few steps away you can get your nails done, a massage or inhale oxygen at  Aroma Spa. You can shop for your own digs at LuxWest, check out the real estate listings. 

Cannabis anyone?

The Coffee Cowboy has a small trailer with a large menu of coffees.

I stopped for lunch at the Floradora Saloon. The place was packed and buzzing so I ate at the bar. I had a short rib Philly cheese steak, well, their version of one. I lived 25 years in the Philly area, this was nothing like a  cheese steak from Tony Luke’s, but it was a fantastic sandwich. $22.00 with a side of sweet potato chips. Like I said, posh. 

I felt cheated on this short visit. I didn’t get to see the Bridal Veil Falls or check out the surrounding area. I would like to fly into Telluride next year, in the fall, after summer tourist season, for a week long stay. Fingers crossed.

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