Bedford Pennsylvania

Main Street

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It’s obvious, I love travel. The process of getting there, not so much. Driving usual means tedious hours on interstates negotiating construction or accident slowdowns. Amtrak is unreliable for keeping schedules. Recently my son’s Acela train from New York to D.C. got waylaid in Philly for 2 hours. What greater torture is there than to fly in the 21st century? For your airfare, even in business class, you get overcrowded planes, blown schedules, bad food, and flight attendants worn to a frazzle after two years of dealing with obnoxious and surly passengers. The destination is the reward for going through the traveler’s version of Dante’s Nine Stages of Hell.  

A road trip, avoiding the interstates as much as possible, took me to Bedford, a charming small city in Western Pennsylvania. 140 miles from Washington, D.C. Bedford’s city population is around 2,600 in a county of 50,000.   I stayed at the Bedford Springs Resort for a few nights, a designated historic property. Click here for Bedford Resort History.




Interior detail

Mineral Spring

While the resort is beautiful, the town is the prize and everything you would expect is there. 

Vietnam War Memorial

Birds Nest for breakfast

Bird Nest interior

A sweet shop of course

Coffee shop

At ouch of Art Deco

Welcome to Bedford

This spot was a curious one. It is a storefront on the main drag with classic cars, but it is not open to the public, it is a private collection. 

Head out of town and there is more to see: open country, covered bridges and one of my favorites, the Moon Glow II roller rink. I’m curious about Moon Glow 1. 

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