Magnificent Munich

As there were no non-stop flights from Marseille back to Washington D.C., we decided to break up our return with a two day stopover in Munich,  our connection city. The last time I was in Munich was in the 1970s and I can recall but two things about it, my visit to the Hofbrauhaus and a gorgeous Mercedes Benz 600 limo parked in front of it.  

Walking the undulating cobblestone streets and hills of Provence for 3 weeks with a 12 lb. camera bag on my shoulder sort of wore me out. I was surprised. I did three weeks of walking around Ireland without any problem.  The two-day visit to Munich was not long enough to learn much about the city.  Munich does have impressive architecture, especially around Marienplatz, the town hall being the main draw, as well as plenty of restaurants and good shopping.  By European standards, the Neo-Gothic New Town Hall built in 1905 is a relatively new building. There is a Glockenspiel in the center section that tells the story of Munich’s history, but it was not operating while we were there. For largest display, click on the photographs.

Foodies will be delighted by the city’s cuisine with everything from traditional Bavarian to Korean, with a few steak houses thrown in. The open markets draw large crowds and the displays of everything from beautiful produce to breads and meats will entice anyone with a pulse.

The Spiritual Center, a Catholic Church near the markets, is another of architectural interest with elaborate flourishes in the sanctuary. 

I’ve always said that photographs call out to me so I’ll close with the ones I heard.

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