Aix en Provence

Color Palette Old town

More than several years ago my wife Amy and I went to Italy to mark a special birthday. We are at it again, another milestone birthday with a trip to Aix en Provence, a town in Southern France not far from Marseille. 

Getting here was certainly not the most fun I have ever had traveling. I’m used to taking non-stop evening flights to Europe and landing early in the morning. Our destination was Marseille, with a connection in Frankfurt. We flew Lufthansa, a good airline with a fine crew and believe it or not, quite good airline food. The flight departed Dulles airport at 3:20 in the afternoon and landed in Frankfurt around 5 AM. The fun part was waiting over 3 hours for the next flight on a cramped Airbus, possibly the smallest they have, six seats across, with about a half inch between my knees and the setback in front of me.

Adagio Aparthotel is our residence for this trip. It’s a fully geared out, comfortable one bedroom apartment a reasonable walking distance to the major sites within Aix, and it is set back on a quiet street. 

Our first day was spent walking with a Smithsonian tour group. I tend to avoid them as they crimp my shooting style, however, except for a few day long excursions to other towns, most of our time is free. That’s a workable compromise. Here are a few captures from our first (still exhausted from the overnight flight) day. 

Four Dolphins Fountain

Now this is making an entrance

A Patisserie, one of hundreds

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