Aix 3

Flower Market

My son in law describes Aix as beautiful but beige. The tones in the structures are similar of course, but the influence of Greek and Roman architecture makes up for the dearth of color. 

Emile Zola

The Good King

The house where Cezanne died

You want color? Come to Aix on Saturdays when the open air markets take over a few plazas. One plaza had a pop-up Italian festival. I speak only English so talking with the French is challenge enough, but Amy knows a little and I have picked up a few words, so … success! Italian is a different story, communicating with the gentlemen selling olives, pasta, dried mushrooms and other items that would travel back home with us was a combination of hand gestures, smiles, plucking Italian words out of the air that were similar to Spanish. I learned he was there for this weekend only and only until “le quattro.” We made our purchase with a heartfelt “Grazi.” Mission accomplished.



Italian cheeses

A pristine Sunday of blue skies, a few puffy white clouds and mild temperatures drew large crowds. Friends, couples with little kids, lots of little kids, romancing couples all enjoying a simply glorious day. Some of the markets had a yard sale vibe. People were selling collections of everything from silverware to cloisonné pill boxes. My favorite was a vendor of vinyl LPs. The selection was broad and most of the customers were young. Jazz and Blues seem to be the big draw.

Walking further up the road, there were vendors of clothing, toys, pocketbooks and another favorite, the pajama seller. As always, shops and shopkeepers are two of my favorite subjects, oh yeah, and people and probably a couple of more ..

Young romance

More romance


The day shift crepe guy at work

Adjusting display

Shopping for hats

Truffle themed shop, I bought the powder

Sardine display

Pajama guy

Italian Sweaters

I’ll wrap up with something that must have brought all of us giggles as kids.

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