Pop-up Classic Car Show, Boulder

Now this was a  nice surprise, a car show on the street in Boulder. This one had a variety of cars, mostly American, the land yacht above is a stunner, a 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible replete with suicide doors, 18 feet long, yes, that is correct, 18 feet. 

There were trucks, hot rods, custom made cars, American Muscle, always a favorite. There were 40 vehicles or more, and lots of people. Here are my favorites. 

1957 Chevy 3100, the predecessor to the Chevy  Suburban

1940 Ford Hot Rod with a 427 engine

‘59 Camino Royal

‘59 Camino Royal back

1935 Chevy Coupe, you can imagine John Dillinger hanging off the running boards

1940 Ford Sedan with owner

1940 Ford Sedan dash

1956 Ford Thunderbird

Car 54 Where Are You? Studebaker Commander

I lust for this Olds 442 with Hurst Shifter

Mustang Boss 302

Boomers checking out the GTO they get as teenagers

Ford GT juxtaposed with Woody

1951 Ford Custom Woody Wagon

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