One of the things I enjoy rambling about without an agenda is the nice little serendipitous surprises I experience. My friend Bob is visiting me here in Colorado and is not averse to joining me at 6:00 in the morning as I hunt for photographs. Today was particularly fruitful.

The mission this morning was to head up Boulder Canyon road for my second visit to Nederland. I intended to stop along the way to photograph Boulder Falls which, according to guide books, is a mere 100 yards from a parking area. What the books do not say is that those 100 yards are stone steps with steep up and down incline. At 73, I am fearful of falls. I took a look, studied it some more, envisioned myself rolling down the steps, camera gear flying through the air, looked at Bob and said “nope.” 

We crossed the road back to the parking lot, happened to look up at the mountain and saw the moon, near full, suspended between some trees. It was a glorious site, click!

After this shot we headed to Ned’s in Nederland for breakfast, it was terrific. Everything as I asked, I thought what a great day. I was in Nederland about a week earlier. I was driving down the street and I spotted an old Buick in a yard. I stopped to look at it and along came Jim, the owner. We had a nice chat and I went along my way. I realized later that I missed the chance to do a portrait of Jim with the Buick. After breakfast, I was driving down his street, saw him and stopped to say hello. I asked him if he would pose for me and a few clicks later I got the portrait I wanted. You might notice that the 1952 Buick Super 8 is pretty ragged out. I asked him if he intended to restore it and he said no. So, it has become a yard ornament, somehow it fits with Jim just fine. 

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