Tasteful Travel

Life is about moments and building memories. Photographs freeze moments in time and while younger readers don’t want to hear it, as we get older we treasure those memories, especially if we were thinner and had hair. In my photographs I note my life through my assignments and personal travels.  When I look through my collection I sometimes can’t recall where a particular shot was taken. I found a workaround to that problem, the photos of food I take on those trips. For some reason, I always remember those, so my food photos are my notes. For example, the shot of fish above was taken while my wife and I were on a 2004 North Sea cruise during a port stop in Bergen, Norway.  

Our first trip to Barcelona in 2009 yielded these shots of hams, a dried fruit and nut stand in the Boqueria, an exquisite Paella at ELX restaurant and tapas at the busy Ciudad Condal.

2017 - Lunch in Monsaraz, Portugal

On that same trip we were in the Coimbra area, famous for roasted pork. The place to go was Nova Casa Dos Leitoes. We visited on a Sunday afternoon. The restaurant had a festival atmosphere, big families at long tables and little kids running all over the place and everywhere you looked, roasted piggies.  

Markets, open air or under roof, are everywhere. The Boqueria in Barcelona (2009), the San Miguel Mercado in Toledo (2017), the M. Yehuda Shuk in Jerusalem (2013) and the Portland Farmers Market (2013). 

As you might expect, there is a lot more. I just wanted to give you a taste. Sorry, couldn’t resist. This is important, whatever photographs you treasure, print. Hang them on your walls, put them in an album, but print them. Even if you back them up to a cloud, digital images have a way of getting accidentally deleted … believe me I know. 

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