Some Neat Old Stuff

During the covid isolation I started looking through some of my old slides and thought I should preserve them. I thought about buying a scanner, a high resolution unit that would convert both 35MM and larger formats was quite expensive so I thought I would do it using a macro lens and a slide holder. To be candid, it is a tedious process. I got through about 20-something images, and realized it is not equal to a drum scanner, and I, at that moment was not equal to the task. The upside was it helped me sort through old film based photographs that I would like to preserve.  Here is the first batch, a series of street photographs I shot in Greece around 1980. If I recall the photographs were shot on Kodak Ektachrome and Kodachrome film, possibly some Agfa as well. 

I think I made the full transition to digital cameras in about 2006. Since then the cameras have become amazing tools, they resolve a myriad of issues, such as color balance in mixed light sources, the ability to shoot in low light levels, and the resolution?  fantastic, yet, in many ways, I do miss film. Being the dinosaur that I am, I appreciate the tactile sensations of film. The smell of the acetate when the film can is open, threading the film into the camera and advancing it  before closing the camera back.  Unlike digital cameras, when one can shoot almost endlessly at high frame rates, our 35mm cameras were limited to a maximum of 36 frames before reloading film, top frame rate was 3 per second and the cost per roll and developing was an important consideration. Thinking back, anticipation of seeing the images for the first time when they came back from the lab was palatable. Did I get the shot or miss it?  My romantic digression is done. Enjoy the photos. 

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