Staying Focused

As a golfer with their short game or tennis player’s serve, a photographer has to shoot to further hone technical skills and grow creatively, especially if one is shooting for oneself.  I work with several different camera systems, all of which are ergonomically unique. If I haven’t used one for awhile, I stumble a bit when I first pick it up and that affects my rhythm when shooting, which translates to more missed shots. So, there is that, but more importantly, long lapses between shoots affects me creatively as well. I came to this realization within a year after I stopped shooting on assignment, and that realization grew during the Covid isolation. When I am not traveling or shooting a specific project like the Nus Feminins series, I look around my home for a little visual stimulation. For instance I opened my junk drawer, and to be candid, I have more than one, and found these elements. I set up something of a studio in my apartment and used supplemental lighting for most everything. 

I liked this idea so I explored it further, grabbing pretty much anything that struck a note. 

I was on a roll. Next stop, the kitchen. First utensils, then food. 

I looked over the photos and knew I was onto something.  So I looked further, opening closets and cabinet doors.



Erte Sculpture

Reveal watch back

I’m still doing this of course. Trying to shoot something several times a week between projects. 

©Photos by Aboud Dweck, All rights reserved
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