Fall Back

DC Arts Center, Korean, West African and Spanish restaurants on 18th Street in Adams Morgan

Fall is in the air and a spring is in my step. The humidity is gone, the sky is cerulean. Fall is my jam, my season of renewal. I can now walk around my neighborhood, breath in fresh air and discover again the joys of urban living. Today I was out to shoot some local color. I live in Washington D.C., in Lanier Heights, once described as leafy, uh what? It’s an old neighborhood of tidy row homes and low rise apartment buildings. It borders the better known Adams Morgan neighborhood, also residential with two main streets running through it replete with shops, bars, restaurants and pretty much everything you can think of. Think of Manhattan in the 1960s before massive gentrification and you’ll get the global vibe that is this area.  For a photographer’s walkabout it is a gift. 

Have an empanada and an Irish beer

Play chess

An interesting combo, eyeglasses and perfume

One of a few jewelers on the block

Nails and spa, of course


The area was also hard hit by the Covid pandemic, several shops have closed and there is a lot of space for lease.  

The Songbyrd Music House moved across town

I’m not sure what was here, but is’s gone.

As with other urban neighborhoods, this one is not without controversy. There is a plaza owned by Trustist bank (SunTrust), part of a parcel the bank wants to redevelop for a 54 unit condominium. A couple of citizen groups are opposed to the project so it has been in litigation for 4 years. They want it modified in a way to keep the plaza as public space, which was for decades used as a Farmers’ markets. In what seems like a harsh bit of pettiness, the bank cancelled their arrangement with the Farmers Market, without a cogent explanation, and booted it from the property. It has now become something of a homeless encampment and a visual blight on the neighborhood. 

That controversy aside, my neighborhood is a carnival of color driven by a diverse populace from around the globe. I’m hoping it stays this way. 

©Photos by Aboud Dweck, All rights reserved
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