A 555 Ft. Icon

In 2010, on my move back to Washington, D.C., I started making regular treks to the National Mall and monuments to photograph my favorite sites, one of them being the 555 ft tall marble obelisk, the Washington Monument. Construction of the monument,  took 36 years.

In 2011, Washington D.C. experienced an earthquake. I was in my apartment in Rosslyn, Virginia when I felt the tremor and watched my dining room chandelier sway back and forth. This was something I had never experienced. My 18 year old son came out of his room with that WTF? look on his face. I must admit, not being from California this was a bit exciting, even though it was only a 5.8 at its epicenter, which was about 90 miles from D.C. 

This image shows the monument with its scaffolding lighted. Many of us thought this should have been made permanent, a la the Eiffel Tower.  I was living in a high rise apartment with a roof deck that looked over much of the city. A number of the photographs were taken from that spot in various seasons and time of day. 

I took the photographs from a variety of venues, from the surface, the rooftop of my apartment building in Arlington, Virginia and from a helicopter, in all seasons and time of day. 

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